The Graces With Their Own Hands. 2011. Hand embroidery with beads on linen. 34 1/2 x 26 1/2 in. (87.6 x 67.3 cm)



Bacchus Crowning Ariadne with a Diadem of Stars

The Graces with their own hands made a sacred robe for Dionysos in sea-girt Naxos. It was a work of art, a joy, as pleasing to the eyes as to the touch, and still gave out the ambrosial perfume it had received when the lord Dionysos lay on it, tipsy with wine and nectar, embracing Minos’s daughter, the fair young Ariadne, whom Theseus had carried off from Knossos and abandoned.


                        — Apollonius Rodius, Argonautica, 3rd century